Jennifer Bush

President & Independent Educational Consultant

Trained under Virginia Bush, the company’s founder, Jennifer began her career in educational consulting in the 1990s focusing on VJB & Associates clients in the United States and Europe. In 2008, Jennifer broadened VJB’s reach by launching VJB & Associates-Asia Pacific, in order to provide educational placement services to Asian-based students and families.  Jennifer now oversees the thriving domestic and international practices, focusing on fit as the key factor in school placement. 

Jennifer is a long-standing advocate of private day schools and boarding schools, and understands the intricacies of finding the right-school fit for each child. She works closely with students and families to best maximize each child’s development and future success. Having attended private day and boarding schools in the United States, Jennifer intimately understands how to navigate a successful educational placement experience. She is a Professional Member of IECA and was elected to the IECA Global Committee and the IECA Regional Committee, and is a long standing Associate Member of EMA (Enrollment Management Association) and TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools).