Why Choose VJB?

Experience, expertise, individualized attention.

At VJB, we respond to student needs on an individualized basis. Our highly personalized approach, combined with our nearly 50 years of experience, are what set us apart. Our guidance starts before the application process begins, and our support continues throughout the application cycle and beyond. Our unique VJB programs provide personalized preparation to give your student a competitive advantage, to help them develop as a student and an individual, and to provide them with the skills they’ll need to succeed at every level of their educational journey. Whether your child is a concert violinist, robotics champion or avid lacrosse player, or they are just starting to find themselves and learning what they love, our VJB programs will help them develop, mature, and find opportunities to maximize their potential. 

“Our son matured so much during the VJB process – he learned to advocate for himself, became a better writer, finally understood his own learning style, and developed as an individual.”

Tailored Approach
Let us take the stress out of the application process. With years of experience working in schools and as advisors, our consultants support families, breaking the application process into manageable steps and replacing stress with self-reflection. We tailor academic, extracurricular and personal growth mentoring for each client, and this holistic approach works, with the majority of families who work with us to find the right day or boarding school returning to VJB to find the best college placement.
Expert Consultants
Families who prioritize education and their child’s individual needs and goals understand that all of our consultants have an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise. We carefully match consultants with students with a diverse range of academic, athletic and artistic talents, and get to know them and their families well, allowing us to truly understand each individual client and which school will be the Right Fit.
Trusted Relationships
We have carefully curated close working relationships with the country’s finest private schools and universities. We frequently visit schools and meet with admissions officers, headmasters and other key contacts to keep abreast of the latest changes in curriculum, services, facilities, faculty and campus cultures. We speak informally with current students to gain an insider’s view of campus life.
Competitive Edge
At VJB, finding the Right Fit school for your child is only the beginning. Our VJB Edge programs start in elementary or middle school, and help your child build valuable time management, writing, self-advocacy, academic and life skills. From helping a child hone her study habits, to building her resume of extracurriculars, volunteers positions, jobs, internships and other experiences, to finding the best university once she has developed into a mature student with goals and specific interests, VJB works with families throughout each student’s entire academic career.
Personalized Service
We provide support to students and families in all time zones, whenever and however assistance is necessary. There is no limit to the number of phone calls and meetings we have with our students, and we are happy to work with a family’s preferred method of communication (virtual or in person). Unlike some companies, we actively limit the number of students that we work with at any given time to ensure that our students receive truly personal, attentive support.