The VJB Story

Founder Virginia Bush, 1975

Our history makes us the right choice for your student’s future.

Virginia Bush began her career in private education at the American Field Service, working in the counseling department, and as director of the boarding school placement department. After 11 years with AFS, she joined a private day school in New York City as their Director of Admissions. Times were changing – with more school choices and individualization among prep schools, the tradition of attending a school solely because your father or mother went there was evolving. As Virginia worked closely with students and their families, she saw that while her school was a wonderful school, it wasn’t necessarily the right fit for every student or applicant. With her knowledge of independent schools, she began helping families and students find the school that would be right for them. The school’s Headmistress, seeing Virginia’s innate knack for understanding each individual student, and uncanny ability to ascertain which day or boarding school would be the right fit for them, encouraged Virginia to use the admissions office to meet with families after school hours, and Virginia Bush Educational Consultants was born. 

Fast forward 50 years, and preparatory school and college admissions have evolved into a competitive, international challenge that requires expert guidance. VJB has grown and changed with the world of education, and now combines its roots in individualizing school choice with its experience in helping students succeed in the educational application process. 

What sets VJB apart is our in-depth knowledge of the schools and their evolution. We build strong, connected relationships with students, really getting to know who they are, their strengths and challenges, their families, and their goals. I believe strongly that the right school is the school that is right for your child, and at VJB, our goal is to combine our knowledge of the schools with what we learn about your child to build an ideal list of schools. And, while a lot of educational consultants say that they are traveling to see schools all the time, at VJB, our understanding of schools goes far beyond the campus tour. We have strong bonds with the schools, and have built those trusted relationships over fifty years. In fact, schools will often recommend us to families if they cannot take a student, asking us to help find a better match for that student. Many VJB students and their families come back to us to help with each step of their educational journey – and today those students are coming back to us with their own children.

– Virginia J. Bush

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