Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an educational consultant?

With a consultant, families are able to explore and assess a wider variety of educational possibilities. Educational consultants provide firsthand knowledge of educational opportunities and help families define options. Independent educational consultants are an important resource in determining the factors students need to consider when choosing the best educational setting for them. Our counselors are experienced in identifying the best suited educational opportunities for each student and helping them navigate and manage the application and selection process.

The sooner, the better! Our consultants get to know students and their families well, building a strong foundation for success in the application process. Typically, we start working with students as early as the spring before the application season begins. We also have the VJB Edge: Successful Start program, in which students begin working with us as much as two years in advance of applying to private day or boarding schools. Understanding that some families will not be on that timeline,  VJB also works with students and families on shorter timelines (often due to relocation) for immediate placements.

VJB distinguishes itself from its peers by offering a soup-to-nuts approach to the school application process. Once a family hires us, we help with every aspect of the process, big or small. We support students and families in every way, from compiling a school list and advising on how to submit the strongest possible application, to getting on school mailing lists and finding the best logistical route for visiting schools in New England. We also offer VJB Edge programs, in which we work closely with middle and high school students to provide everything they need to grow into the best possible candidate for secondary school or college. From tutoring to extracurricular planning, VJB Edge programs live up to their name, giving our students a marked edge in the application process – and in becoming well rounded students, athletes, artists and good citizens. VJB partners with its students and families every step of the way in every aspect of their educational journey.

VJB works with students of all ages: those applying to middle school, high school, college and beyond. We work with families from all over the world. We have long-standing relationships with our families, and have assisted many of our clients with each of their children at each stage of their educational journey.

Absolutely. Our consultants are based in the United States, but we work with clients all over the world, both virtually and in person. We provide highly personalized service to our clients and strive to accommodate them, regardless of time zone and communication mode.

Our expertise is focused on educational institutions in the United States. Over the last fifty years, VJB has placed thousands of students in top US schools and universities, and we have longstanding relationships with the schools where we place students.

VJB & Associates has been working with students and families as educational consultants since 1975. We have long-standing relationships with schools and their admissions offices, and we regularly visit schools all over the United States to stay up to date on school programs and admissions practices. We work closely with you, getting to know you and your strengths, needs and personality so that we can work together to create a school list that will result in the Right Fit for you. We are proud that more than 97% of students who follow the VJB program are accepted to at least one of their top three school choices. 

Absolutely – it is essential to our practice. We do not share client names or information with any person or organization, and we do not share photos or any other personal information via social media or in any other way, without a family’s permission.