Right School Fit

The best school is the one that is right for your unique student.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge to find the right school based on the interests, needs and strengths of your child. Beyond academics, great educational institutions also cultivate leadership skills, creativity, inquisitiveness, and analytical thinking. They instill character, ethics and values, paving the way for each student to reach their full potential. Education doesn’t end in the classroom. It extends to playing fields, art and musical arenas, and outside of the school’s walls to create well-rounded students who yearn to learn. As parents we all want what is best for our children, and one of the most important gifts we can provide is the best educational environment and the right school fit for them.

Placements & Acceptances
Since 1975, VJB has placed thousands of students at independent schools, colleges, and universities, advising families from more than 47 countries.
Success Stories & Testimonials
Families who’ve worked with us recently share their stories here, and describe how VJB made a difference in their child’s development.

Find the Right School Fit for your child.

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