VJB Edge:
Resume Advantage

For High School Students

A tailored program that maximizes opportunity.

The VJB Edge Resume Advantage program offers personalized one-on-one consulting for high school students to maximize their university placement options. We help students identify goals, create a customized program, and assist in your child’s development. Our program includes coaching, writing workshops, essay critiques, and interview prep. We work closely with students to build their resume and maximize their candidacy through curated internships, extracurricular and employment advice, and all other aspects of their development both in and outside the classroom. We limit the number of students we work with to provide personal and attentive support. The VJB Edge Resume Advantage program is designed for 9th-12th grade students, and ideally begins in 9th grade. 

Go beyond placement advice.

VJB Edge Resume Advantage offers one-on-one, focused attention that will set your high schooler apart. Now is the time to get in touch with us to maximize your child’s success.